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Cumberland Falls


From Their Website:

"Cumberland Falls Kentucky Straight Bourbon is named after a unique and scenic landmark of the state of Kentucky. The Bourbon of Cumberland Falls honors its remarkable beauty and native spirit. An astonishing feature of the site is the moonbow, a lunar rainbow that is visible when there is a full moon. In our attempt to find the finest whiskey, we found ourselves in awe of the breathtakingly scenery of the moonbow, over the mighty waterfall of the Cumberland River. Some time after we discovered our perfect bourbon, we were excited to travel there once again, to experience the beautiful view, with a glass of whiskey in a hand and the success of our adventure. It was at that point that we made the decision to name the bourbon after the majestic Cumberland Falls. We would like to celebrate the creation of our first premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon with everyone who value heritage, honors spirit and appreciate the finest authentic bourbons."

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