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I.W. Harper 15 Year





About the recipe

This is a personal favorite of my dad. He can't drink bourbon every day, and there are some special occasions he like to make a mixed drink. Enter the boulevardier. For those who think and Old Fashioned or Manhattan is too sweet for you, this is that happy center. An easily crafted mixed drink that carries excellence and taste without the effort, this is something that can be enjoyed for all occasions. You'll probably see a few different versions of this pop up over time, but so far this pairing is a personal favorite of his. 


1 1/4 ounce I.W. Harper 15 Year

1 ounce Campari

1 ounce Sweet Vermouth

Orange Peel with Slight Char


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 

Add I.W. Harper 15 Year, Sweet Vermouth and Campari to a mixing glass with a healthy amount of ice. 

Strain into a rocks or whiskey glass over fresh ice. I recommend a large cube to prevent excess water melting. 

Briefly char orange peel with an open flame. Not too long that it goes black, but enough that you get a pleasant smoked orange aroma. Garnish your drink and enjoy!

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