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bourbon lovers

My journey into bourbon started on a father-son trip to Louisville, Kentucky on a whim because of a cancelled business trip. What started as some family time turned into a complete passion and fascination with the history, the taste and the passion that is firmly rooted in the bourbon legacy. Together, we have spent hundreds of hours tasting, debating, discussing, researching, and discovering the history and wonder that is bourbon. We hope that we can share a little of the wonder we have been exposed to, with you. 

This website is truly designed with the goal of education and discovery. After months of research, I couldn't find anywhere that had a complete or even close to accurate database for all things bourbon. We hope to provide a "one stop shop" for all your bourbon research and inquiries and maybe you'll discover some of the passion we uncovered over the course of our journey. 

Hi, my name is Zach Miller and my father Mark and I are bourbon enthusiasts. We hope you are too. 

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