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George Remus


From Their Website:

"In the 1920s, if baseball had Ruth, bourbon had Remus. Pharmacist, successful attorney and King of the Bootleggers, Remus used his pharmaceutical and legal expertise to find loopholes in the Volstead Act that allowed him to dispense his juice to the masses for “medicinal purposes”.

Carefully crafted at the historic Ross & Squibb Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana – just miles from Cincinnati where Remus ran his Prohibition empire – each bourbon is made to meet the uncompromising standards Remus’ bourbon was famous for during his reign.

Whether you select the original, 95-rated Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the highly acclaimed, limited edition Remus Repeal Reserve Series, Remus Single Barrel Bourbon or Remus Gatsby Reserve, each offering is as original as the King of the Bootleggers, himself."

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