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my biggest pet peeve with review sites is they focus on msrp pricing, or the pricing the distillery sells them for. very few bottles are actually available at msrp, so I will be evaluating them at their market value. the other note is, these are not in depth reviews, with tasting notes and bottle biographies. just quick hits for the people that want a little info and insight and want to move on. happy drinking!


Detroit City Distillery Honey Barrel Finished

This is for sure my first dive into Detroit City Whiskey. I know very little about them beyond my opinions of this bourbon. Thus, we can make this review pretty quick and easy. It comes in at 100 proof but believe me it drinks higher. Not necessarily in a bad way but wow does it pack a punch. It noses like someone is waiving an alcohol soaked rag under your nose. But then, when you go back to nose it a second time, you get the honey. And oh wow do you get honey. Like pure decadent honeycomb, it comes through like you're standing inside the bee hive.

Once you take that first sip. all you're thinking about is honey, and you're hit with this straight bourbon that's powerful and bold and unrelenting (hence why it drinks higher then 100). As it slowly creeps its way into your chest, you can begin to taste that lingering honey finish. And true to its nose, it's a pure, sweet almost honeycomb sugary taste.

If you're a fan of my channel or follow some of my reviews, you may know my mom's favorite whiskey is honey jack. It's really about the only thing she drinks in the whiskey world. I've been trying to find a honey bourbon she would like. We've tried Garrison Brothers Honeydew, Woodford Honey Finished, and a few others. So far we've struck out. Even for this it wasn't love at first taste. But I enjoyed it. It was skillfully crafted and expertly finished. I will definitely have to try more of their stuff.

Now for the all important value. This is available on for $65.99. I've included the link in the picture. In a bourbon world where honey finishing is taking everything by storm, ranging from the absurd after market of Belle Meade's $1000 or higher all the way to something more basic like a Garrison Brothers Honeydew, it's hard to find good value and good taste in this area. Personally, I think Detroit City nailed it. That being said, it drinks as high proof so beware. If you're looking to add something sweet and spicy to your bourbon collection, this is a great way to go.

As always, enjoy and drink safely.

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