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my biggest pet peeve with review sites is they focus on msrp pricing, or the pricing the distillery sells them for. very few bottles are actually available at msrp, so I will be evaluating them at their market value. the other note is, these are not in depth reviews, with tasting notes and bottle biographies. just quick hits for the people that want a little info and insight and want to move on. happy drinking!


Joseph Magnus Triple Cask Finished

Updated: Apr 13

In honor of me just finishing this bottle, I thought I'd do a quick write-up on it. About 3 years ago, I put together a bourbon tasting for my dad on Father's Day. I knew very little about bourbon beyond some light research and some more intuition than I should be given credit for.

Enter Joseph Magnus Triple Cask Finished. This was supposed to be the warm up for the real gift which was a bottle of Blanton's. Oof, talk about misjudging. This bottle is just in another world honestly. I'm not even sure a proper description does this justice and here's why. Every time I try it, I get something a little different. Sometimes it's tobacco or brûlée or caramel or buttered popcorn or deep, rich oak. But every time, it's just freaking amazing.

This bottle has been open and nursed for essentially 3 years, for the sole reason of not wanting to finish it. I go for it at least once a week, only to realize how little is left and put it back. It's truly just exceptional.

Now the value. Is it worth it? Frankly, at $150 it would be worth it. At $75, it's a (pardon my French) goddamn steal. Buy now, buy often, thank me later. Their Cigar Batch gets so much attention, and deservingly so. That's also amazing, but for the price, I'm not sure you can beat this.

As you all know by now, I am not huge on tasting notes. But I will say this: This is one of the bottles I would not look at tasting notes prior to trying it. It's so diverse that anything you read will influence your perception of it. Try it blind. Trust me.

As always, enjoy and drink safely.

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