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my biggest pet peeve with review sites is they focus on msrp pricing, or the pricing the distillery sells them for. very few bottles are actually available at msrp, so I will be evaluating them at their market value. the other note is, these are not in depth reviews, with tasting notes and bottle biographies. just quick hits for the people that want a little info and insight and want to move on. happy drinking!


Maker's Mark cask Strength LE

What an interesting, yet completely predictable bourbon. When you hear cask strength, you probably think lighter fluid or gasoline. Sometimes that’s the case. Not with this bourbon though. At 110.7, it’s a quite pleasant, almost smooth bourbon. Almost. It has a nice clean nose. Oak, vanilla, caramel. The usual bourbon notes. You also get touches of chocolate when you go back for second and third sniffs.

What I find most interesting about this bourbon is that each sniff, each taste, and each finish presents an entirely different flavor. Yet each flavor falls into one of 4 or 5 categories: oak, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and maybe honey if you look hard enough. I will say, I enjoy that. I enjoy that constant fluctuation of a bourbon with immense depth, yet the flavor profile is incredibly stable.

Now, this bourbon was a gift. It was a limited edition that I have not found readily available. At the time of purchase, it was in the ballpark of $50. My honest evaluation of the bottle is this: it’s a name brand that shows why it’s a name brand. It may not be readily available but I stack it up against other Cask Strengths in its price range. It’s for sure worth a try. Just don’t go breaking the bank for it.

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